So You Wanna Roleplay on Screwy Truths pt 1

If you’re reading this you’re interested in roleplaying on Screwy Truths but, possibly, aren’t quite sure where to begin. In some cases, you may be unfamiliar with using forums in general and others with roleplaying on one. This post is here to help you with that and more.

To begin with, let’s discuss how playing here differs from other mediums. Journal based roleplays (InsaneJournal, LiveJournal, et al.), typically have players make multiple accounts for any characters they might play. There are other forums, typically Invision Power Board based, that also have you create separate accounts for each character. On this forum, however, all roleplaying done by a player is done through one account. It doesn’t matter if you play one character or fifteen, you play each of them through one central account. We’ll get into more on this later.

Many roleplays ask that you send an application to the mods of the forum containing the character(s) you wish to play and often a sample of your roleplaying “abilities”. We don’t ask for that on Screwy Truths, if you wish to play here you are welcome. It is however a good idea to either introduce yourself once you’ve made an account or to contact the Admin or Mod before joining so we have a heads up. Both if you feel like it, or neither if you really don’t.

So lets talk about creating an account. When at the index page or any other page of the board you will see the words “Register” and “Login” at the top right hand of the screen beneath the banner, click “Register”.

Once you’ve clicked on “Register” you will be taken to a page that houses the disclaimer pretty much every PHP board has when attempting to register. Read through it if you like and when finished, if you’re okay with it, click “I agree to these terms”.

Once you have clicked “I agree to these terms” you will be brought to the registration form. Put in the username you want, your email (which can only be seen by the admin), the password you wish to use, change timezone if necessary, fill in the reCaptcha and click “Submit”. Note that you must use a valid email address you have access to in order to register, other wise you will not be able to activate the account you create.

Once you have put in the information and pressed “Submit” you will get an email to the address you listed from with a subject of: Welcome to “Screwy Truths”. You should receive the email within five minutes, if you don’t click “Resend activation e-mail” on the login screen or contact the Admin and/or Mod. In the email you need to click the link provided to activate your account.

Once you have clicked the link and activated your account you are ready to login and start playing. More information on just how to play here will be posted following this.

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