So You Wanna Roleplay on Screwy Truths pt 2

Now we’ll get into the first part of the more… intensive part to roleplaying here on Screwy Truths. All roleplaying is done in one of the following forums: “Pre-Chaos”, “Chaos Earth”, “Post-Chaos”, or “The Remix”. All of the forums, with the exception of “The Remix” are within the overall canon storyline of the board.

You will also find Out of Character forums within “Rules and Announcements”, “The Lounge” and “Character Listings and Information”. In “Rules and Announcements” you will find the aforementioned things, rules and announcements as well as the sub-forum “Questions and Concerns” where anyone, including guest users, can ask questions and voice concerns.

Inside “The Lounge” are various sub-forums where you can interact with other players in ways other than roleplaying. In, “Introduce Yourself” you can of course introduce yourself to other players. “Chat” is where you can talk about anything you’d like with the other players. “Games” is where you can start or join in various games and finally “Writing Prompts” where you can start or post to different writing prompts that may be one off prompts or intensive games involving prompts.

Within “Character Listings and Information” you will find various forums pertaining to the various characters or potential new scenes. In the “Character Listings” forum, you’ll be able to create a post to list the chacters you play. Inside “Character Information” the admin will create a forum specifically for you to create indepth information posts on your characters. Finally, in “Scene Requests” you can post requests for new scenes or developments.

Now, onto the In Character forums. The “Pre-Chaos” forum is for any scenes that take place before a character has shown up on Chaos!Earth or, if they are from said Earth, before they personally become involved with the events of Chaos!Earth. Within the forum you will also see a sub-forum called “Completed Scenes” which contains an scenes/threads that have, rather obviously, been completed.

Within the “Chaos Earth” forum, scenes happening during the events of the Chaos Storyline go here. The entrance of a character on Earth, the events that happen to them while they’re here, the events that happen to Earthlings from this Earth pertaining to or once they’ve become involved in the Chaos events, et cetera. You will also find three sub-forums, “Completed Scenes” that contains completed scenes, “Hiatus” containing scenes that have been and will be on hiatus for an extended period, and “Timeline”. The timeline is a very useful thing to read and it should be checked often as it helps straighten out when events take place. This is useful, for example, so one doesn’t accidentally include a character in a scene in say… July of 2011 when the character doesn’t arrive/hasn’t been met until September of 2011.

The last of the Chaos Storyline forums is “Post-Chaos”. It is, essentially, the opposite of “Pre-Chaos” in that all scenes that are played within “Post-Chaos” happen once a character has been returned home or the overall events pertaining to Chaos!Earth have been concluded. It like the other two also contains a sub-forum called “Completed Scenes” that includes completed scenes.

Finally we come to “The Remix” which is entirely separate from Chaos!Earth, pre, post, or during, events. It can be little one shots about random things, extensive multi thread storylines that have nothing to with Chaos, or even ‘what-ifs’ on various scenes in the Chaos!Earth storyline, replays of scenes with different events happening. Anything not involved in canon Chaos!Earth storyline is free to be played here.

In the next post we will talk about how to create new threads, which is in the roleplay forums, what the scenes take place in. How to reply to threads. Finally we will cover how to subscribe to individual threads or an entire forum.

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