So You Wanna Roleplay on Screwy Truths pt 3

We now come to how to create a thread, how to reply to a thread and how to subscribe to a thread (or a whole forum). Threads in the In Character forums are the various scenes taking place within a forum. Threads in the Out of Character forums are just about whatever you’d like them to be. As Scene threads and OOC threads are the same thing, just being used for different purposes, the act of creating either kind of thread is identical.

It is useful to note that subscribing to a thread causes you to receive an email, to the email your account has listed, whenever said thread is replied to by anyone other than yourself. Subscribing to a forum, rather than a single thread, causes you to be emailed when any thread on that forum is replied to or started by anyone other than you.

Now that that’s out of the way, we’ll talk first about how to create a new thread. Inside the forum you wish to begin a thread in, on the left hand side below the listing of any sub-threads and just above any announcements or posts, is a button that says “New Topic” click the button.

You will be taken to a page that looks somewhat like the form one uses to send an email. In the Subject line type anything you want if it’s an Out of Character thread or “Location – Name of your scene” if it’s an In Character scene. In the body type out whatever you wish depending on which kind of thread you are creating. If you’re making an In Character thread, roleplay as you normally would. It should be noted that third person perspective is the norm or In Character threads. It should also be noted that posts must be at least 25 characters in length to be accepted.

You will notice in the above picture that you can preview your thread which is useful to make sure that any bbcode, which is used in place of html, was properly done. Above the body and below the subject line you will see a number of little buttons, these perform the bbcode if you don’t wish to type it. Simply highlight whichever word/words you want to have whichever effect and click the button.

Now onto replying to a thread. There are two ways to reply to a thread. You can hit the “Reply” button which is located on the left hand side both before the first post and after the last post. You can also hit the “Quick Reply” button below the last post of the thread which will open a little text field to post your reply, it is useful if you either aren’t going to use any bbcode or know the bbcode you are going to be using. When using “Quick Reply” if, after having typed some of you wish to use the full editor there is a button below the text field that says “Full Editor” that will take you and whatever you’ve written into the full editor.

Finally, lets talk about how to subscribe to a forum as a whole or to subscribe to a particular thread/topic, as well as what the difference between subscribing to a thread and bookmarking a thread is. To subscribe to a forum, meaning to get an email notification when any thread in the forum is replied to, go to the very bottom of the forum page. Above the copyright information and below the “New Topic” button is a link that says “Subscribe forum”. Click it and you will have subscribed to that forum. You have to repeat the action on any other forum you wish to subscribe to

To subscribe to a thread, go to the bottom of the thread you wish to subscribe to. Above the copyright information and below the “Reply” button is a link that says “Subscribe topic” click it to subscribe to the topic and receive an email when it is replied to. Bookmarking is different, beside the link that says “Subscribe topic” is a link that says “Bookmark topic” bookmarking merely places a link to that thread in the “Manage bookmarks” portion of your User Control Panel.

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