Common to Quor

This Common to Quor translator is a tool for those who wish to create words that sounds like the language of Eberron's Quori, to add flavor to kalashtar or Inspired characters, create hidden messages, or create names for quori NPCs. This translator does not create or translate actual Quor words, just reproduces the sounds.

Note 1: When translating compound words, seperate all components by dash or space. When a consonant combination results in unwieldy word beginnings or ends, try translating only the first letter of the combination. Do not translate plural forms; Quor adds an -i to denote plural forms (For most words, this can be duplicated by using a plural-u instead of the normal plural -s)



Translator developed by Skye Freeman and programmed by Oliver "Knight Otu" Frank. We do not have links for either of these individuals, if you do, please contact the Admin.