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  1. Jason Harkness says:


    Found your english to elven and goblin generators. Really cool. I needed something to help me develop words for stories I’m writing and both have been extremely helpful. Did you create these generators yourself? If so, do you have plans on making one for the dwarven language? Just curious.

    Thanks again.

    • nichili says:

      They are extremely helpful! Unfortunately, I didn’t develop these generators. Skye Freeman was the one who designed the actual “translation” process, or the cipher, and Oliver Frank programmed it into java. None of them actually translate into the actual words of the languages, they essentially mimic the sound and flow of the words. I have made one of my own for a personal project based off these, so it would be entirely possible to build off these to make one that sounds like dwarven as well. I currently have no plans to do so, but I may at some point. However, feel free to take a look into the java code of the different translators if you like. :)

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