1. Jon says:

    Is it possible to create an app that translates Common to Elvish and/or the Black Speech in a manner similar to Google Translate? If possible, I’d be happy to donate for any work on it!

    • Acerbicon says:

      If they actually translated the words into Elvish in the first place, I’m sure it would be possible to reverse it. Unfortunately, there are a few problems with that.

      1st) When you input text to “translate” they aren’t being translated to the actual words that mean that same thing in Elvish, Quor, etc. It takes the letters you put in and puts out a grouping of letters that make it look like that language.

      2nd) I didn’t actually develop the java that runs these. I have them here as I’ve always found them useful but the site where they were originally hosted, went down. I have messed around with them in order to make another “translator” based on them, but as I said, it’s not truly translating.

      3rd) Finally, if you attempted to reverse the “translations” you’d run into one last problem. Even if you were fine translating these “fake” words back to Common, the way words are translated, based off of their letters rather than their meaning, there are a number of words that are translated into the same thing.

      I will be happy to look into it, see if I could come up with some way, but I am not all that knowledgeable in anything but the most basic level of coding.

  2. Emily says:

    I am so happy I found this, thanks for reposting it! I had a bookmark to the original but lost it when I upgraded my computer way back when and couldn’t find it again. I’ve been trying to make my own and failing horribly, so this is a life saver. Is there any chance you could make this available in an offline format?

    • Acerbicon says:

      Glad to have helped! I was in the same boat. I will have to look into how to make it available for offline, but I’ll give it a shot! If you’re interested in making one based off these I’d happily provide you with the javascript for any/all of them.

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